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5 Ways to Manage Multiple Ventures

One of the sayings goes, "don't throw all your eggs in one basket". I sit here thinking in order not to do that in any field whether an entrepreneur or working for someone else and have an interest in pursuing other ventures on the side, it is vital to be able to manage those multiple ventures and not crack under all the pressure of meeting/crushing goals. Another age-old saying is "don't bite off more than you can chew". However, according to an article written by Warren H. Cohn who is the CEO of HeraldPR and Emerald. Digital, it can be done, so let us explore this a little more......dig just a little bit deeper.

According to Warren, people can handle pursuing multiple ventures to work their way towards success. However, it takes a plan and is intentional about taking care of one's body, soul, and mind. Additionally, it takes moving slowly sometimes and not rushing to get everything off the ground at once. Warren suggests 5 tips enabled him to secure multiple businesses with an outcome of having all of these businesses be successful. The 5 tips are listed below:

  1. Don't Play Favorites

    1. Do not focus on one business at the expense of another

    2. Use your time and effort where appropriate

  2. Bring everything together when you can

    1. Take a chance to kill two birds with one stone when you can

    2. Use the second business as a resource if you can for the first business

  3. Set your priorities straight

    1. To-Do List

    2. Set deadlines and keep track

  4. Get out of your own way

    1. You can not do everything on your own

    2. Hire experts to assist you with items you need to get completed

  5. Keep track of everything

    1. Organization and Balance are key

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