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8 Daily Habits of Effective Business Leaders

The entrepreneur is one of my favorite resources to read on a weekly basis. I love the resource because the writers address so many topics that affect business owners as well as employees. Management styles is definitely an area that affects both parties. The way a business leader manages tends to determine whether or not you can and will retain employees, the level of morale within the department and/or team, and it can affect the productivity of the team, overall.

I thought these 8 habits of Effective Business Leaders by Tanner Simkins were vital to share at this time. Mainly because we are all experiencing some shifts, and I think it is is important to always work on improving your skillset and putting new tools in your toolkit to use even if you are not a manager. The 8 habits are listed below:

  1. Put thinking time on your calendar

  2. Play like a team

  3. Learn how to say no

  4. Only check email once a day

  5. Plan, plan, plan some more

  6. Schedule your day around your brain

  7. Nurture personal relationships

  8. Get out your comfort zone

Article Source: The Entrepreneur by Tanner Simkins - Released on June 2, 2020

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