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Welcome to the last Tuesday of 2020. What are you feeling during these last days of 2020? I am feeling some mixed emotions which consist of sadness, hurt, happiness, anxiety, and so many other emotions. I have taken some time to access my feelings and I came up with the fact that this year has been so stressful and filled with so much pain for so many across the world and that is what has filled me with all of these emotions. However, I have learned so much this year. I wanted to share some of my takeaways from 2020 and accomplishments.

  1. Everyone is not thinking about my best interest

  2. Get it in writing and confirmed via a contract

  3. Just because you know them doesn't mean they are going to do right by you and for you

  4. Give with your heart and be intentional in love because it comes back to you in such a wonderful way

  5. Take your time and spend time with those that mean something to you

  6. Life is short and live it right, just, and in the light

  7. Published my first journal

  8. Completed my Women's Entrepreneurship Certification at Cornell University

  9. Relocated to another area and loving it

  10. Being grateful for each moment God gives me on this Earth

  11. Met a man that I am in strong like of and praying it evolves into Love for the rest of our lives

Now, it is your turn. Please share your triumphs, takeaways, and accomplishments from 2020. Have a wonderful day!!!

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