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One thing I pride myself on is the fact that I can and will hold myself accountable for my actions whether good or bad. However, there are so many people walking around on this Earth miserable not wanting to be held accountable for their mess. Yes, we all have mess, we all make mistakes and we all are human. Only God is perfection.

The key word this week is accountable. Look at yourself in the mirror, if you are having a hard time seeing who you truly are, then there is some work to put in to elevate. Nothing wrong with self reflection and elevation.

One goal of mine each day is to be present while self reflecting. Time will pass a person by wondering, being mad, stayinh in their own head. It can lead to depression, anxiety, etc.

Let's normalize holding ourselves accountable and not passing the buck playing the blame game and being totally nasty behind a person back.

Have a good evening. Please leave comments. Thank you.

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