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Black History Month

According to the world and society we live in, this month is officially black history month; however, every day is black history to me. I am actively engaged in learning more about my ancestors. I need to understand my people more because growing up, my history was not explored in the ways it should have been in school. Thus, I am holding myself accountable for learning more about my people and who we truly are.

Today, I want to reflect on the work of Rev. Tom Skinner. Rev. Tom Skinner was the son of a minister who became a member of a street gang and then an evangelist. He was known for his motivational teachings, and he died on June 17. He was only 52 at the time of this death. His death was due to complications related to leukemia. Mr. Skinner was the president of Tom Skinner Associates, which operates the Tom Skinner Learning Center in Newark and the Skinner Farm Leadership Institute in Tracys Landing. Additionally, Tom Skinner Associates is a ministry that provides leadership training, strives to dissolve racial and other boundaries, and focuses on both young people and adults, per his daughter, Lauren Skinner.

Thus, Mr. Skinner left a legacy in his short time on this Earth. He left his teachings through his child and business development. That is black history......I come from a group of people who are talented, intelligent, and caring but underappreciated in this world. Hopefully, one day that will change.


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