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Breaking into Journalism with NO Prior Experience

We are living in different times. What once was a requirement is getting to the point when it is no longer a requirement. Do you really need a Masters and Doctorate degree in order to get your career to the next level? There are many people who argue this case back and forth. However, there are some fields you can break into with little or no prior experience with the ability to network and hard work, one can get very far in the role. Journalism is one of those roles. There used to be a time when it was required to have certain levels of education along with many years of experience in Journalism. Now, it is important to create your own lane, network, start writing for publications regarding the field you will like to report on in the future. To know how to write and have the potential for growth is essential in this world we live in currently. Use social media to build your portfolio and allow the work to speak for itself along with learning to brand yourself as a strong writer and professional.

Within the Journalism field, one develops transferable skillets like communication skills, research, interviewing, storytelling, critical analysis, and technology skills. All of these skills, one can use in many career fields.

What do you want to break into? Have you thought about what career you want to get into? If you are in the career field you want to be in, do you engage in continuous learning through gaining certifications or taking online courses to stay up to date?

Please send me your thoughts on breaking into a new industry and any tips you have.

Have a great day and weekend:)

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