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C-Suite for Women of Color

Through having this blog, I want to reach people of all backgrounds to spark the discussion about the many issues across the nation, people of color are still facing in Corporate America and beyond. This is not bashing one group and praising another. I love to explore facts and then come up with solutions on how to best address the issues we face.

As a black female, it has alarmed me at how the C-Suite lacks diversity. Black women lack the opportunity for growth and to even think about reaching the C-Suite is very unlikely.

Furthermore, as I was reading an article written by Monica McCoy who is the Founder of MonicaMotivates, LLC, she explored the issue of there being a low percentage of black women in the upper level management jobs within Corporate America. "According to the latest Catalyst report, women only account for about 5% of the Fortune 500 company CEOs are women. When broken down even further, there are currently not any Black American women CEOs at S&P Fortune 500 Companies". However, Ursula Burns was named the first Black American female of a Fortune 500 company in 2009. We still have a long way to go to gain the positions that we work hard for and deserve.

Please do not sleep on the fact that we still have strides and battles to fight. We still need to advocate for changes in the workplace with more black leaders and people of color who are more than capable to do a great job and be an effective and efficient leader.

What are your thoughts on this issue? What are some solutions? What can we do at this point?

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