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COVID-19 Implications for Business

I am reflecting on the challenges and opportunities in 2021. One of the many issues we are all dealing with daily is the pandemic which is continuing to impact our personal lives and businesses across the world. According to the McKinsey, this has shifted the way businesses do work. So, let's disect this a little further with how this pandemic is affecting the way businesses do business daily.

CEO's are facing obstacles like finding employees and keeping employees due to the pandemic. Commodities are inflated i.e. steel, semiconductors, container shipping costs, etc. Most executives are looking to invest in more digital technology over the next few years due to the shift in how we are going to do work. Everyone will now be faced with the reality that more changes are on the horizon and we either have to adapt or move on to other things because the future is now.

What are your thoughts about work trends today? Do you like work from home 100%, hybrid or in the office 100%? Why?

I am looking forward to seeing your comments. Have a good night!

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