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De-Stress in the Workplace

In America, we work a lot. We work 40 or more hours a week, and we carry a lot of it throughout the day into the night into the weekend. It is vital that we find daily outlets in order to minimize the amount of stress we carry through our mind, body, and souls. Thus, I came across an article in Forbes. Just in case you didn't know, I love Forbes for more reasons than one, but mostly because of the career and health content.

The article is titled "De-Stress with Nature Bathing When Job Pressures Are Too Much". As we all know, most jobs have some level of stress. Now, some jobs are definitely more stressful than others like Teachers, Police Officers, Firemen, Medical Doctors, Accountants, Project Managers, Event Planners, Planners, Nurses, etc. However, every job comes with a level of stress. This article focused on the fact that we have to have an outlet because most of the jobs require too much time in offices in front of computers, on social media devices, in meeting rooms. It is important that we, as human beings, spend time in a natural setting or nature bathing during he workday. It tends to help us focus, gain more clarity, and energy so that we can be our best in the workplace.

People need to start getting up and heading outside. There are studies that showed that living in greener areas is linked to lower instances of heart disease, mental stress, and depression. We are meant to move and it is not natural to sit for long periods of time with not exercise throughout the day. So, let's start to move. Please be intentional about moving your body and getting outside. Believe me, you will thank yourself later. Cheers to being more healthy in our minds, bodies, and souls. Have a great night!

Resource: - Article written by Bryan Robinson (Contributor to Forbes)

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