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Dekalb County GA $250 Million Expansion Leads to More Jobs

Blackhall Global Partners, LLC (BGP) is kicking off its $250 million expansion in DeKalb County this week. According to local sources, the company began filing for permits with DeKalb County’s Planning and Sustainability Department to begin construction on its 155-acre parcel adjacent to the current Blackhall Studios.

The economic impact to DeKalb County is projected to be more than $1 billion, providing nearly 5,900 jobs. The total economic impact for the state is estimated to be more than $1.1 billion with a statewide employment impact of nearly 6,700 jobs, according to BGP.

BGP, a global soundstage acquisition and development platform, was formed in partnership with Commonwealth Real Estate LP (Commonwealth) and Ryan Millsap, founder of Blackhall Studios, in early 2020. BGP sought to expand the studio’s footprint to other key content production markets around the world. Commonwealth, a Los Angeles-based investment manager, has ties to Atlanta through its managing director of real estate, Peter Rumbold, who is an Emory University graduate.

With this expansion, it will enable BGP to meet the high demand for stage space in metro Atlanta, which is expected to continue to increase as the industry fully returns from the effects of the pandemic and will continue to grow well into the future. Jeff Weber, who will oversee the development on behalf of BGP, expects the construction phase to have an immediate positive effect on DeKalb and the state.

“We’re projecting the total economic impact of construction to be more than $400 million for DeKalb County with a total economic output of more than $500 million statewide,” said Weber. “Construction activity will support more than 3,200 jobs in DeKalb and nearly 3,700 across the state.”

As a result of the completion of the new studio facility projected for second quarter 2024, BGP plans to continue and expand thoughtful community partnerships including planned internships, job training and other enrichment programs. This will be helpful for the citizens in the Dekalb County area by providing more opportunities for people to thrive in their own communities.

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