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Education at a Lower PricePoint

Over the past 5 years, I have come across many articles posted on CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Forbes, and other outlets which mention what education levels are helpful. I do not think Master degrees and higher are as relevant in the world of Tech. Young adults coming out with a Bachelors degree in Engineering, Computer Technology, etc. have a great chance in getting many options upon graduation. Of course, it is important to network and put oneself in the right places at the right times in order to build relationships with influential people.

Thus, where does this leave mid-career level people. It leaves mid career level employees to utilize education websites like,,, and to learn relevant skill sets like salesforce, oracle, web based items like photoshop, etc. It is important that mid career level people take the time to get certifications that are relevant to what they want career wise. Do not spend time on educational information which is not important in your line of work. It is a waste of time unless you plan to restructure and change the course of your career, which is fine to do as well. Never allow someone to project their fears onto you. If you want to change the course of your career at 40, do it. It can happen but you need a great support system, right skill sets, networking capability and the will to follow-up with people and the right opportunity will come at the right time.

Cheers to you and your goals going into 2020. Push yourself for the greatness within you. Do not settle; you deserve everything you want in this life. Remember to shoot for the stars and never give up even when you get a NO, KEEP PUSHING and MOVING!

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