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End of Year Reflection

As I sit here, I am reflecting on the year of 2021. I do not know about you but 2021 has definitely been full of highs and lows for me. I have tried to think through some of the highs and lows and will like to share a few for each category.


  • Invested in a Property

  • Awarded 2 contracts for grant research and writing

  • Visited a few of my closest friends/sisters/brothers for the first time in almost 2 years

  • 2 food drives for the unhoused population


  • Disappointed by a love interest

  • Hit by depression and anxiety

  • Didn't get to travel as much as I liked due to the pandemic and health issues

  • Some business/professional setbacks

With the highs and lows, I have realized that I am still blessed beyond measure. I have had some success and failures, but that is life. Life ebbs and flows and that is how it usually is when I think about the course of my life. I have experienced many highs and lows, but 2021 was especially challenging with the pandemic. The pandemic has changed the landscape of

everything. I think I have realized how much more people are selfish and unaware of their ways. In the beginning, I was thinking it would open people up to positive change and more acts of kindness. However, there have been so much social and political unrest and turmoil.

My hope is that the new year will bring some change in a positive way for all. My prayers are that we all get the desires of our hearts in our careers, health, family, spirits, etc. I also have to keep in mind that nothing changes just with a new year; it is important to change one's perspective and one has to do the work in order to create a space that you want for your life. It takes time to get through to the other side of pain, failures, anxiety, disappoints, etc. We all need to give ourselves Grace. So, that is what I will leave you with, give yourself GRACE.

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