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Ethics Today!!!!

In today's society, ethics are questionable on a daily basis within various workplaces across the world. Now, we are in a time that ethics are intertwined with diversity, equity and inclusion; however, ethics deserves to be a highlight and hot topic just as the others because it gets down to the core of the character of a human. Do you have a moral compass? Does it even matter today? In my opinion, it is important to have a moral compass and set boundaries. Additionally, to me, it will always matter to have a moral compass and live by a code of ethics. However, after reading several articles, it seems we are in a time when many do not agree with my thought process on Ethics which can be viewed as problematic.

According to the definition of Ethics, it is making good or right choices. That includes big ethical dilemmas, such should we limit artificial intelligence or genetic engineering, right through more everyday choices, such as whether you help yourself to extra stationery at the office for personal use at home. Making good decisions is not easy. We might have an intuitive feel of what is right or wrong but sometimes the answer is not obvious. This is particularly the case when various values come under tension.

Have you experienced any ethical dilemmas in the workplace or outside of it? If so, please share how you dealt with it and what was the outcome. Let's work to get to a solution oriented thought process because I think that is where we can build upon and create change.

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