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Happy Birthday to me

So, today is my birthday. As I reflect on this birthday and my journey around the sun, I am thankful. You know, since this year has been so strange, weird, rough, and unlike any other year thus far, I have had to take some time to step back to evaluate everything. There are 2 main lessons I have learned over the past year.

First, it is ok to be still. Sometimes, God allows us the break or change to give our bodies rest from the daily routine of life. You know, getting up, getting prepared, sitting in traffic to get to work, etc. It is ok to be still, meditate and reflect on what you truly want in this life because you only have one life to live.

Secondly, I am capable of more. I never want to limit myself because of someone else projecting their thoughts, angle, mindset on what I should be doing or how I should do something by a certain age. It had been a struggle with building a small business but I know through prayer, hardwork and dedication, I can get it where I will like. God is my guide and as long as I stay focused, I can get to where I will like to go and be.

One favor I do want to ask of you is to please pass on my website to your friends and family. Please ask them to subscribe and a birthday gift to me. Thank you so much for subscribing and know that I appreciate you always!

Cheers to a new year!

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