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Happy December 2021

Wow, the last month of 2021. This year has flown by it seems, just seems like we were just celebrating the new year ❄🎊🎉 and now we are almost to another new year. I feel blessed and thankful to make it through this year. It has been some type of year. I have loss, gained, cried, felt completely lost, felt blessed, felt down and then felt complete and utter gratitude for all of my friends and family God has blessed me with in my life.

See,I made a decision that it is about my perspective. I may not have a husband, children yet but I have a healthy and loving amount of friends who have become family and an imperfect family and I say that because we all are imperfect. You read my blog, then you know you about to get that real 100% truth. I bring all the you ready?

We are HERE, we are ABLE, WE are Smart, We are ALIVE, We are successful, We are wonderfully made.

Remember who you are and whose you are. God gave us not only his son but a gift....a gift of purpose. In order to seek it and know it and believe it, you will need to draw close to God. You are capable of great things.

It is coming to YOU!!! 2022 is your YEAR! Let's finish 2021 off STRONG!!! 🎯

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