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Happy Mother's Day

On this day, we celebrate every mother, grandmother, godmother, auntie mother, and woman who still wants to be a mother. You do not have to carry a child to know how to mother a child. We live in a society where people tend to shame you as a woman if you have not given birth by a particular age or time in your life. I am here to tell you, you are loved, appreciated, accomplished, and important. It is important to love us all with or without the societal standards that someone said we have to abide by.

I have always gone against the grain in everything I have done in my life. I have taken leaps of faith; I have stood on my own; I have quit a job; I have done many things in this life. Many titles I have earned through my hard work and tenacity but I do know if it weren't for my mom and many women she opened the door for me to meet, I would not be the woman I am today. Thus, I value every woman who has helped to pave the way for all of us ladies as we make the right decisions for ourselves in the career realm, relationship realm, and living life daily. We do not have to meet the societal standard of what people have said we must do with our time in this life; however, it is important that we reach every standard and goal God has set for us because that is why we are here to fulfill his purpose for our lives and sometimes that happens through the children we birth, businesses we start, families and individuals we impact. We are here to be of service to others and each of us is tasked with finding the best way God wants to use us in this lifetime.

So, once again, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who have, are and will birth new life, opportunities, and hopes and dreams.

Have a blessed


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