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Happy October!!!

Hello Fall and the month of October 2022. We are officially in the first month of the last quarter of 2022. The reason this is significant is because this is the time we are gearing up for yhe family holidays 💙 , preparing for the near year by budgeting and ordering items we want and need for our families. This is usually a very busy time for most across the world. Additionally, it is a time, most people experience a heightened anxiety stricken mindset and depression. It is pertinent to seek help if needed and please reach out to your family, friends, and associates to ask if they need assistance.

We are all living in some difficult times, and we all need a checkin here and there. You can save a life.

I hope and pray you have a wonderful day, evening, weekend, and month. Be amazing and be good to yourself so you can bd good to others.

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