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High School Graduates/Graduation Season

Here we are again within the graduation season. It is a time that seniors are thinking about their decisions on the school chosen, whether or not he or she should actually go to school or go to work, what should he or she do beyond this point, etc. It is a great time because it is full of infinite possibilities but it can also be scary not knowing what to do and how to go about doing it.

According to an article written by Joshua Becker with Becoming Minimalist, there are 18 pieces of 3 word advice for the high school graduate.

18 Pieces of 3-Word Advice For The High School Graduate

1. Call your mother. Your parents love you and think about you more than you know. And they won’t be around forever. Call your mom and visit often—they’ll appreciate it and so will you. 2. Don’t chase money. The desire for wealth is a desire that can never be satisfied—you’ll never have enough. Pursue meaning and contribution with your life instead—it’s way more fulfilling in the long run. 3. Encourage others often. It’s easy to see life as a competition, thinking the best way to get ahead is to beat out everyone else. But this is backward thinking. The most effective way to succeed in life is to help someone else succeed in theirs. And I’m not just saying that. Be the encourager. 4. Find a mentor. Find someone that you admire and can look up to as an example. In almost every pursuit in life, a good coach is worth their weight in gold. Find someone, ahead of you in the journey, that you can look up to in your career, in your marriage, in your pa