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Historical Confirmation

Yesterday, when I saw that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. When little brown girls see her, they can see themselves in her. It means so much to be able to see someone who looks like you in such a high profile position. It is historical, and I am so proud to be alive to see this confirmation.

As a child, I was exposed to so many powerful and smart women of color. From my mother to my mother's best friends in Arkansas, to the women at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, GA, I knew women who looked like me who were successful. Now, I had to consider, what is my definition of success as you have to consider your definition of success also. My definition of success consists of an individual who knows his/her purpose, has peace in his/her soul and heart, exhibits positive outlooks, works through the ebs and flows of life, loves and enjoys his/her family and friends, and a person who has and possesses GRATITUDE and love for God. For me, each part of my definition is important to me. Thus, when I see a black woman exceeding and fulfilling her purpose in this world, I am overjoyed and elated.

With that being said, I pray that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is covered, protected, valued, and respected in all she does. I want to see her continue to win and for my people to be valued, seen and heard. We are Magic not just Black Magic but we are all that and then some. Do not sleep on the underdog because we are the one's who come up from the trenches and win.

Join me in sending positive vibes and prayers Judge Ketanji's way. She will need all the prayer and love she can get as she proceeds in this high profile role.

Have a wonderful Friday, and do not forget to BE KIND and PATIENT!!!!

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