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Hybrid Workplace

Post pandemic, most companies are still allowing 100% remote; however, the progression of companies transitioning back into the office full-time is coming mainly in June and September of 2021. Some companies are engaging in the Hybrid Workplace setup which mainly consists of employees working some days from home and some days in the office. According to behavioral scientist Jon Levy says the hybrid workplace model will not last.

We all have probably experienced the debate about work from home vs. in office work. You have your leadership who is totally old school and against work from home because according to some of them, people can not be as productive at home. However, there are studies and people who have data that suggest people are more productive from home because they do not have all the distractions and they are more focused in their home environment; whereas, in the office means there may be more in person chatter/in person talks. Either way, there can and will be some level of chatter. I do not think it matters one way or the other. I think it is either employers/management trust their employees to get the job done or they do not.

I do think it is important that employers recognize that they will need to give some in their approach to this situation. Then, you have people like Jon Levy who writes in the Boston Globe that being absent from the office decreases the chances of a worker being valued which he may have a good point there; however, I do not see why it has too. There are ways to continuously provide feedback, check-ins, goals, etc to ensure the employees fill valued and respected.

At the end of the day, it will come down to the company and their decision on what is best for their company and level of business. I do think some companies will need to be prepared to lose some great employees if the work policies on work from home change too much. We shall see.

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