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It's Monday Again???

Yes, it is Monday, yet again. Do you have get a case of the Monday's? Have you ever truly accessed why? Is it anxiety over your workday and week? Is it you just do not like what you are getting ready to do on a job or as an adult? Well, during this time, it could be a little bit of both or more of just not wanting to deal with the mundane tasks that comes with work at times. I am here to tell you it is normal what you are experiencing. Additionally, it is important to access and really understand why you may be feeling a way about work and/or life in general.

The first solution to this feeling is finding a different job which you may or may not like. Then, some think, oh, maybe I need to change locations altogether. I may need a change of environment and that will help because I will be forced to have to learn a new area, and it will automatically change the dynamics of life in a big way. However, just know that sometimes, it is we as humans have "cases of the Monday's" for a period of time each day. It is apart of being human. Sometimes, we just need to sit and really figure out what are the changes we need to make in order to really be happy and content in the moment. Oh, and know, that you will not always be happy each moment of each day but knowing that you know yourself enough to know you can do the work to get to a content and peaceful place are parts of the goal.

There are 3 tips to help you get rid of the "case of the Monday's" which really could be each day of the week when you are in a slump or just not content or happy. The tips are listed below:

  • Seek out therapy -- Obtaining an objective opinion or just having a listening ear can help you navigate and truly access the feelings you have about where you are in life and to figure out where you want to be in life.

  • Journaling -- Ok, so, I know everyone is not down with the journaling but it could help you to get your feelings down and put the pen to paper. It can be the solution to you writing out a plan to get to happy or a state of peace as you transition.

  • Change up your routine -- Getting up a little earlier, preparing a light breakfast, grabbing your favorite morning drink, taking a brisk walk to start your day, etc could all help you think about what you are thinking about and come up with helpful solutions to any areas in your life you will like to change.

In summary, again, we all go through the "case of the Monday's" and some of us for longer periods than others. In some cases, this is not about the job you are going too; it is a matter of you feeling at odds about something internal, but it can also be an external factor. It is vital to understand the feeling and identify where it is coming from in the grand scheme of things before making a permanent change for a temporary problem. If you have any tips, please leave them in the comment section or any feedback about this blog posts. I love reading your thoughts and feedback to me.

Have a wonderful day and week and remember to be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.

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Alexis McCauley
Alexis McCauley
Aug 22, 2022

This was an excellent post! Just what I needed to see on a Monday! Thank you so much! 💪🏾

Replying to

Awww...thank you so much for letting me know. I appreciate your feedback.

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