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Manager, Office of African American Male Achievement - $101,713.00 - $137,392.00 Annually Overview of Position This posting is for two positions, located in the African American Male Achievement Department. Positions are open until filled. Applicants who apply by Dec 1, will be given first consideration. Interviews are TBD. The Manager for African American Male Achievement (AAMA) will be responsible for co-planning and implementing new and existing initiatives in collaboration with other divisions and schools that will accelerate academic achievement and eliminate disparities in educational and social outcomes for African American males from grades PreK -12. This position will work to develop resources and supports centered on meeting the needs of students of color furthest from educational justice, especially African American (AA) males. The focus will be to co-lead strategy development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of AAMA programs and efforts. This role calls for a strategist with strong program development, management, and youth development skills, as well as experience with mentoring AA males. Demonstrated community-based experience and initiative within the Black Community, preferably relating to education and/or economic development, is a key qualification and desire of all applicants. Essential Functions 20% Leading Community-Engagement and Stakeholder Partnerships: • Initiate and maintain meaningful engagement with Black-Community members, families, youth, Community-based organizations, Equity-Partnerships-and Engagement directors and staff, etc. • Ensure program and strategy development is based on collective accounts and centering of Community desires, needs, perspectives, efforts, agendas, and partnership • Create partnerships with emerging and established nonprofit, governmental, cultural, business, and other strategic entities and leaders • Assist with completing reporting requirements for funders and other internal and external entities related to AAMA • Cultivate support, mobilization, and investment in the success of AAMA initiatives and the students we serve through stakeholder engagement • Collaborate with Executive Director of AAMA, Family, Schools, and Community Partnerships directors and Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction to align budget and prioritize spending to meet goals outlined in the District's strategic plan • Draw from experience to support mutual accountability among the complex partnerships • Establish systems to manage and maintain quality partnerships, including, but not limited to: development of MOUs, co-facilitation of regular meetings, planning sessions, joint work plans with internal departments and collaborative problem-solving/conflict resolution with local CBO's and community partners to build collective will and action towards reaching AAMA goals • Support the integration of youth leadership, family engagement and family support throughout SPS • Maintain clear and inclusive communication with various stakeholders via different communication channels • Collaboratively, guide policy and other advocacy work at the local, regional, and state levels • Build upon existing relationships with educational institutions and governmental agencies for systemic change • Engage with advocacy partners to achieve common goals 30% Leading Strategy and Program Development: • Partner with others on the AAMA leadership team to identify desired outcomes of the AAMA program; a team strategy and theory of change; and key performance indicators that periodically measure both the progress of the AAMA program, and the progress of AA males in Seattle Public Schools • Co-lead and collaborate in the development and implementation of the Manhood Development Program (MDP) and professional development infrastructure that will create and support the conditions, culture and competencies needed to guide African American Male Achievement in a SPS District • Support research and data analysis – including the collection, analysis, and reporting of a wide range of data from a variety of public and private datasets, surveys, and other primary and secondary research sources • Conduct primary and secondary research, engage in rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses, synthesize findings, and develop strategic insights to move projects forward • Track and re-evaluate desired outcomes, goals, key performance indicators, program design, research-based strategies, marketing, and priorities • Establish systems to manage and maintain quality partnerships, including, but not limited to: development of MOUs, co-facilitation of regular meetings and planning sessions, co-creation of joint work plans with internal departments, and collaboration in problem-solving/conflict resolution with local CBO's and Community partners to build collective will and action towards reaching AAMA goals • Create program support and accountability systems, timelines, and reports • Co-create counter-narratives to shift culture and current narratives around AA male achievement • Ensure MDP Lead Instructors create a productive and positive learning environment that reflects the values and expectations of the program, teachers, mentors, and families 40% Management • Assist with the supervision of MDP facilitators and AAMA team members who provide direction, services, and professional development focused on African American Male Achievement • Provide on-going leadership and technical assistance that keeps the AAMA program recommendations intact across the District • Participate, as part of the leadership team of AAMA, in key decision-making regarding the Manager of the Office of AAMA's responsibilities in the department • Develop and report on project plans, success, and all internal and external aggregated data to ensure that program goals are achieved, stakeholders are mobilized, and efforts of all personnel involved in the programs are coordinated • Coordinate logistics for AAMA program and events • Manage program growth, progress, and public relations • Guide planning and coordination of professional development and community events, with partners, other participating agencies, District curriculum leadership, administrators, teacher leaders, teachers and/or other appropriate staff. • Serve as a content expert for the African American Male Achievement program and accessing related data/reports • Provide cross-training to staff 10% Communication Development • Assist with drafting, editing, and formatting of internal and external materials – including memos, PowerPoint presentations, reports, website content, newsletter content, etc. • Provide as-needed support to assist with execution of individual AAMA work streams • Support general communications and outreach • Has excellent oral and written communication skills, including public speaking skills • Assist with the SPS Black Excellence Campaign • Effectively and strategically communicate and normalize the counter-narrative and culture shift around AA male achievement • Tell AAMA story on social media, newsletters, website content and other forms of communication.\Document the AAMA process RELEVANT COMPETENCIES Racial Equity Analysis Evaluates racial equity using analytical and logical reasoning to examine each component of race and racism (individual, institutional, and structural) • Critically analyzes, deconstructs, and builds upon a framework that centers racial equity Targeted Universalism Analysis Evaluates targeted universalism using analytical and logical reasoning to examine how to bring those furthest from a universal goal to a universal goal • Critically analyzes, deconstructs, and builds upon a framework that centers those furthest from a universal goal Drive for Results Works towards clearly set results, and pursues success with energy and drive • Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish; does not give up before finishing, even in the face of resistance or setbacks, steadfastly pushes self and others for results. Intellectual Acumen Handles concepts and complexity adeptly; provides insight and understanding for others; sees patterns, connections, and relationships that structure complexity • Is intelligent and capable; deals with concepts and complexity comfortably; is good at learning and deciphering new knowledge; able to assimilate new skills independently. Emotional Intelligence in Relationship with the African-American Community Builds trusting, nurturing and reciprocal relationships with individuals and groups within African-American communities and Black led organizations • Values relationships and people within the African-American/Black community. • Demonstrates high emotional intelligence and experience in building trusting, nurturing, and reciprocal relationships and partnerships within African American/ Black communities and organizations DISTRICT-WIDE CORE COMPETENCIES: Collaboration Develops cooperation and teamwork while participating in a group, working toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties. • Is seen as a team player who encourages efficient and effective collaborations. • Works skillfully in difficult situations with both internal and external groups. • Represents his/her own interests while being open-minded to other groups. • Builds respectful and productive relationships internally and externally. Getting Results (Action Oriented) Performs work with energy and drive; values planning, but will take quick, decisive action when an opportunity presents itself. • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done. • Focuses on achieving the goal even in the face of obstacles. • Assumes responsibility for starting and finishing work with minimal supervision. • Strives for new levels of performance. Decision Quality & Problem Solving Uses analysis, wisdom, experience and logical methods to make good decisions and solve difficult problems with effective solutions; appropriately incorporates multiple inputs to establish shared ownership and effective action. • Weighs the consequences of options before making a decision. • Applies appropriate criteria to situations for the purpose of making decisions. • Displays self-confidence in own judgment. • Focuses in the facts and solutions instead of opinions and problems. Integrity Is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; presents truthful information in an appropriate and helpful manner; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn't misrepresent him/herself for personal gain. • Deals with people and situations in an honest and forthright manner. • Represents information and data accurately and completely. • Represents the confidentiality of information and concerns shared by others. • Takes ownership if a mistake is their own and does not blame others. Accountability Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely and cost-effective results; determines objectives, sets priorities and delegates work; accepts responsibility for mistakes; complies with established control systems and rules. • Takes responsibility and action as if the risks (financial or otherwise) are his or her own. • Holds individuals and team accountable for their actions and results. • Initiates action even if outcome is uncertain and is willing to accept the consequences of failure. • Aligns own activities and priorities to meet broader organizational needs. • Demonstrates courage and confidence in his or her own ability. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge • Black History • Past and present strategies used for and against educational and economic development of Black communities, particularly boys and men • Early childhood/youth development Skills • Racial Equity and Targeted Universalism Analysis • Strategic planning • Management • Organization • Specialized knowledge with an emphasis on African American Males • Strong Microsoft Office skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), including experience using Excel for data analysis. Abilities • Strong project management and organizational skills, including the ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects/tasks, and attention to detail • Manage various elements of the AAMA office • Create and maintain meaningful relationships • Partner with others in this work • Develop a strategic plan • Ability to manage, implement, evaluate, mentor, coach and be in community liaison for the Manhood Development Program (Kingmakers of Seattle). • Passionate about serving African American males in Seattle Public Schools and Supporting AAMA's vision. OTHER FACTORS: • School sites and community events. • Some weekend and evening work are required. Typical Qualifications EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be: • 5+ years of demonstrated youth development, mentoring, community-based experience and initiative within the Black Community, preferably relating to education, early childhood development, and/or economic development • Combination of education and experience working with students in a diverse urban public-school setting preferred • Program management experience (or similar) • Stakeholder engagement experience • Bachelor's Degree in a related field preferred Any equivalent combination of education, experience and training that provides the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the work will be considered. Clearances: Criminal Justice fingerprint and background check

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