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Job Opportunity - Atlanta, Georgia

As I stated in a blog post last week, December is a really good month to conduct a job search. It is a good time to get a list together of the type of position you will like as though you already have the position. What to consider? -- Think about what type of work environment you will like to work in, types of people like working around, type of work you like to do on a daily basis, type of pay you need, type of benefits that are beneficial for you and your family, and finally, the type of boss and management style that works best for you.

If you need assistance in getting job search plan together, contact me, Angela Johnson, and I can help you get the plan together and executed. In the meantime, check out the job opening in Atlanta, Georgia.

Position: Member Development Manager

Type: Full-time employment

Organization: Travis Manion Foundation(TMF)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Duties: Manage and provide administrative support for all member relations within TMF; Assist in the development and implementation of initiatives, etc

How to Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to

You can learn more about the organization by going to

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