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Job Search During COVID

Another Sunday has almost come to an end. Days are flying by, but life and the need to expand and stretch ourselves is still very much prevalent when it comes to job searching during this time. Many people are forced to pivot and make a change in jobs or careers. With that being said, it is vital to understand that at this time, companies are having to evaluate how to get the work done remotely during this pandemic. Some companies have figured it out, while others are still on the path of improving systems and considering the best ways to continue the work and hire new employees to get the work done.

When job searching during this time, there are 6 items to consider. The list is below for your review.

  1. Consider How Urgent Your Search Is (What is your timeline for needing a new position/role?)

  2. Get Comfortable Networking Online (Join groups on LinkedIn)

  3. Stay In Touch (Check with Human Resources via email)

  4. Gather Intel (Research companies you are interested in working for)

  5. Use the Time to Reflect (Create a one-page document that lists your target industry, companies, job titles, management style, and work environment)

  6. Boost Your Skills (Free online course including MOOCS, EdX classes, Microsoft training, and Tutorials)

Contact me if you have a need to set up a consultation to discuss your options.

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