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Job Search Tools During COVID-19

We are living in some very uncertain times at this moment. There are many layoffs and changes in the employment arena that has made people question their next steps in their careers and launch a new Job Search. I think it is important to evaluate what you want in your next job and/or career. Additionally, it is important to be realistic in the time that we are in, and what I mean by that is to do your research on what industries are booming right now. I have some Job Search Tips listed below for you to consider during your search in the midst of a Pandemic.

1. Write down your interests and skills

2. Develop a list of companies that have jobs which will match your interests and skillset

3. Research the companies using the following websites:


4. If you do not have a linkedin account, be sure to set one up so you can reach out to an employee or employees at the potential company you will like to work for in the future

5. Contact me if you need to retain my services to set up a linkedin account for you

6. Apply for roles at the company

7. Be sure to set up a skype and zoom account for interviews at this time because most companies will conduct interviews via skype or zoom

8. Be sure to follow up with the company contact to show interest in the role and if you have an interview, be sure to send a thank you note via email or mail

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