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Join me for the Make Money Moves Challenge

Join me and others for the Make Money Moves Challenge hosted by Rachel Rodgers.

Hey everyone,

So…I just did something scary.

I signed up to do The Make Money Moves Challenge led by Hello Seven.

Why is this scary? Because I know it’s going to push me out of my comfort zone.

This Challenge is all about taking courageous action steps to generate more money. Steps like: raising

your prices, following up with a lead, announcing a new offer, putting yourself out there in a bigger

way—and other steps that can feel vulnerable to do. I’m nervous but excited to complete this Challenge

feeling brand new. Just in time for setting new intentions for the new year.

I have a request…

Will you do this Challenge with me? It would be amazing if a few people from my community sign up

and we all do it together. We can be scared together—and make moves together.

You can go here and to see more info about the Challenge and get a ticket. It’s

online so you can participate from anywhere. It starts on Monday, March 27 - 31.

If you decide to sign up, reply and say “I’M IN!” so I know you’re doing it.

Eeeee. Okay. Let’s go get that money.

Angela Johnson

PS. To everyone out there who’s doing something scary today, whether it’s money related or not, I am

sending you a huge burst of strength and courage. Here it comes…I hope you feel it!

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