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July - My Birthday Month

Good morning and welcome to July 2023. Yes, it is my birthday month. I learned a long time ago if I do not celebrate me, then who will. I figured why not celebrate the whole month because this life is to be celebrated and it is always worth it. So, if you do not do anything else this month, celebrate you. July is full of everything great from the sales, to the festivals, to the summer time fun events. Be sure to participate in something great for your body, mind, and soul this month in your community or in another community.

During this month, I will be hosting a workshop on July 19, 2023, so be sure to get your ticket. Additionally, I plan to set a date for my annual Mental Health = Wealth event. So, be sure to look out for that announcement. Finally, new offers will be available by the end of July, so watch out for those.

Remember, you have a purpose to fulfill while you are here. If you need assistance in figuring that part out, contact me at Life can be challenging and sometimes along the way, we all need help. Look forward to sharing more content this month. Have a wonderful day and holiday weekend.

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