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Leadership Styles

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

What defines a leader in today's industry? According to, a good leader is the one in charge. However, is there lunch thing as a born leader? Well, according to the Association Society of Association Executives (ASAE), leadership is an acquired attribute that begins early in school and on the playground. Some children develop a take-charge attitude, some make friends fast, while others are happy just to make the team. Over time, education, jobs, and life experiences shape a leader's philosophy and psychology. Additionally, over the course of time, a leader may find that his/her winning formula is no longer producing results. New challenges require new leadership skills, behaviors, and ways of communicating. It's time for his/her to unlearn his/her familiar leadership approach, recognize her limitations, and adapt his/her leadership style to become the leader necessary pending what is going on in the organization.

I have attached the article which provides the eight leadership styles and when to use them. It is vital to have the resources and tools to properly utilize in a role. It is not only managers and supervisors who need these tools. People who are managing programs and projects need effective leadership resources and tools as well.

What is your opinion? How to do you feel about Leadership? What is your leadership style?

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