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Mental Health Awareness Check-In

We are at the mid point of May already. This month is very significant to me because it is Mental Health Awareness Month, and there are several events throughout the US dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. We are still in this pandemic; however, everyone is trying to get back to their sense of normal. It is pertinent to deal with your mind and the thoughts you have that may be attributed to what you are going through on a daily basis.

We are going through this "Great Resignation", Inflation, COVID, influx of Cancer cases across the world, microaggressions on jobs, loneliness, etc. Everyone is fighting a battle, and being kind to yourself and others is important. However, people are at their breaking point and social media has heightened the level of anxiety and depressive thoughts some have throughout the day. Taking a break and spending some time reading, walking, meditating, spending time with family or friends even if it is just a zoom call. You can get a free zoom account and have 40 minute video calls with family and friends.

You have resources available to you, so please reach out if you need assistance in finding some local options. Please use the website, TalkSpace, Calm, and Youtube to find motivational information and resources to assist you through the darkness.

Please see the link below which includes a clip with Dr. Oz interviewing Taraji P. Henson regarding Mental Health and her thoughts on it. She has some good tips to share, so listen if you have some time.

Have a blessed day and reach out if you need assistance finding resources.

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