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New Journal - Release Date

Happy, by the title, you know this entry is about my new journal I'm working on now. It has been in production well over the time-frame I initially set, but like anything else, I have to be patient with myself. Additionally, I have to give myself Grace because I can not leave that to anyone else at this stage of my life. It is my responsibility to hold myself accountable but also to give myself Grace.

I say this to you because if this is something you struggle with, please take the time to do the work to learn to give yourself Grace. It is essential in this life. Sometimes, things do not go according to plan. There is a saying that when things don't go as plan, say "plot twist". Honestly, a plot twist makes life even more interesting. Let's embrace our plot twists in life.

Also, today is giving Tuesday, be sure to donate to your favorite charity if you can. Again, Thank you for being apart of my journey and the Jobmojo team. We are all in this together ❤️

Have a great day!!!

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