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Nonprofit Job Search

Are you interested in the nonprofit arena? Are you conducting your job search but no luck as of yet? I want to encourage you that there are opportunities and to continue to apply. The right opportunity will present itself. Additionally, I wanted to provide 3 websites you may want to check out when conducting your Nonprofit Job Search. Of course, we all know, we are in a different space and the way we may have once job searched is changing due to the lack of in-person networking occurring and events going to more of a virtual space, now. However, that just means, we have to set up job alerts, network in the virtual spaces, develop a list of people in our network who can assist, and use the tools that we have in our reach more actively to hopefully get the right opportunity.

Please be sure to register for my 2020 Change the Game webinar which will focus on some job search tips.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a good Sunday evening!

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