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Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation

I started my working career at a shoe store at the age of 16, and I stayed there for 4 years in total. I never intended to stay there for 4 years but after 2 years, I was awarded a scholarship for college, and I had to maintain working hours on the weekends. Thus, two weekends out of the month, summers, and holiday breaks, I worked at the shoe store. I was motivated to continue the work because I definitely needed the scholarship to assist me in paying for my books. The motivation for me to stay was funding for school.

Which brings me to the fact that, as human beings, motivation can be the key for why we continue to work whether it is for money, insurance, etc. Throughout my career, I have encountered many people in the workplace who have loss their motivation for the work. What is motivation? By definition, motivation consist of the willingness to get something done rather that procrastinating. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review written by Richard E. Clark and Bror Saxberg, there are four motivation traps. The four motivation traps are listed below:

1. values mismatch

2. lack of self efficacy

3. disruptive emotions

4. attribution errors

Please check out the article in its entirety by going to

Finally, lack of motivation can happen to anyone, but I always try to check myself when I feel like this. I assess if it is me and will it pass or if it is something that will not pass and it is beyond me. Sometimes, it means it is time for a change. You really have to take the time to make the right decision for you based off facts and not emotion.

Have a blessed night!

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