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Remote Work

During this time, many people are considering their next career/job move. Remote work is at the forefront of many citizen's minds for the obvious reasons that you can live anywhere you will like most, the job is already set up to be done away from an office setting, and it can be done in your space and not in an office environment. As I reading an article written by Emily Eliza Moyer, it revealed some of the best jobs and careers for remote work. I thought I will share some of those jobs revealed below.

  1. Marketing: Specialist-social media, content marketing, SEO or public relations and Generalists-Brant development and Social Media Management

  2. Sales

  3. Writing: Branded Content, Content Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, and technical writing

  4. Software Engineering

  5. Design

  6. Customer Support

  7. Online Business Owner

Thus, hopefully, this list is helpful for you. You may be in a position where you can talk to your supervisor or manager about continuing to work from home on an ongoing basis. It is important to consider your options when it comes to remote work. We all are in an uncertain time, but it is important to evaluate the best plan for you and your career goals.

If you or anyone you know need assistance with a Career strategy, job search skill plan, interview preparation, LinkedIn account set up, grants, or some consulting work, please reach out to me.

Have a good Sunday!

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