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Returning to Work

Well, well, well, we are approaching the end of October. We are in the last quarter of the year, and in some areas, companies are requiring employees to return to work. According to a journalist and editor working for LinkedIn, Texas is leading the way with companies requiring employees to return to work. I am not sure how I feel about this. I guess I feel indifferent because the main thing is the pandemic is not over, and we are approaching the flu season and Covid cases are increasing throughout the United States again. I do not feel people should be pressured to return back to offices at this point.

43.3% of Dallas' office employees had to return to their in-office work areas as of last week, according to Kastle Systems. Whereas, 27.4% of office workers returned to the top 10 U.S. city markets. In addition, Texas cities are returning back to the office in large numbers with Houston and Austin welcoming back 36.8% and 35.4% of their workers. One of my main concerns is are the offices set up to be conducive to following the medical professional guidelines to be 6 feet apart and to wear a mask. I just do not know if companies are considering people health and safety. Furthermore, I do not want this to blow up in their faces because everyone is so ready to return to normal, money-making, fast-moving that they forget, over 200,000 people have lost their lives to this virus and to be cognizant of what is going on and protective of their workforce.

It is time for people to consider the human over the number. Since that is not the case in some cases, I do hope that people are safe and there are no negative consequences to these companies requiring people to return back to the office. Only time will tell, and I hope in time, the pandemic ends and people are healthy and thriving again.

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