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Self - Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! Do you have a Sunday routine? If so, what does it consist of? Please share in the comments. Today, I was reading an article by Karolyn Gazella and Natacha Montpellier regarding soothing scents. According to the article, there are 8 top essential oils for anxiety relief. It has been stated that breathing in essential oils can improve mood and mental wellness by triggering the release of calming neurochemicals such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the nerve centers of the brain. Please see the list of the 8 top essential oils below:

  1. Bergamot

  2. Clary Sage

  3. Frankincense

  4. Lavender

  5. Lemon Balm

  6. Neroli

  7. Rose

  8. Ylang Ylang

Have a good and productive Sunday!

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