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Thoughts on Returning to the office???

The pandemic definitely forced Americans to figure out another way to work besides the standard Monday through Friday come in the office to your designated cubicle. Due to the pandemic, we all had to pivot for the most part. Of course, first responders and others were still in full operation but those who could work from home were able too due to funding available for companies and organizations to increase their technology and resources, so the work could go on no matter if you are in the office or sitting in your lounge chair at home.

For some reason, in America, most people had an issue with remote work and are still bothered by it. Maybe, because most at the top want to control the narrative and keel everything the same not wanting to offer flexibility. In America, we work more than most in other countries. We get 30 minute to 1 hour unpaid lunches, 1 to 2 weeks vacation a year, 5 days sick, and a few other benefits if your company or organization are decent and fair.

According to the article link I posted, Elon Musk wants all his employees back in the office and is not a proponent of remote work. This leads me to ask the question, what do you think about remote work? Do you like it? If not, what are your thoughts?

The main argument i hear against it is people like the water cooler talk, being able to get up and have to get to an office, etc. However, can you still be just as productive working from home and build relationships? Thoughts????

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