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Virtual Mental Health=Wealth Event

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great Easter weekend. I definitely did have a lovely weekend. I got the opportunity to spend the weekend with people I love and care so much for and enjoy seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter which gives me joy from the depths of my soul. You know I appreciate my tribe so much for how they show up for me, and I show up for them. Along the way, you meet people who are just shady, but you learn to navigate and not focus so much on that and move towards the positive energy that ignites you.

Which brings me too my first Virtual Mental Health=Wealth Event. It went very well. I got so much positive feedback. People stated that they felt it was genuine, honest, educational and it provided a safe space for each participant to share if he or she wanted to do so. When I hear that type of feedback, it makes my heart smile because no matter where I am, I always want people to know and feel that I am hear to bring peace to a situation but also authenticity, love and light. Please be sure to join us for the next Virtual Mental Health=Wealth event.

Thank you to Nicole from Center To Rise in Arlington, Texas, Addie Rawr who you can find at, Tatanisha Copeland who you can find on Instagram under Mindful Mya, Grant E. Loveless, Jordan Suber, Kyesha Williams, Chanel Glover, Stacey Paulin who is an Image Consultant, Coach Candice Ellis, and Ken Johnson. You all are the real MVP's.

Have a good day!

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