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Good evening,

As we all are aware, we are living in unprecedented times. No one knows what will happen from day to day. I think that has always been the case but now it just seems like the news about the pandemic, economy, political/civil unrest has put more of a question mark behind what does the future hold? Of course, to be focused on the future can tend to make any human being anxious, so let me encourage you as I encourage myself to focus on now.

With that being said, let's focus on how you can make some changes in your career even during this time. Now, the picture may look different but that is where I come in because I want to create some beautiful images for you to focus on and look forward to making them a reality.

Thus, on August 22, 2020, I will be conducting a webinar online to provide information on current hot career fields, dos and don'ts on resumes, linkedin accounts, how to connect with recruiters and best practices when following up with employers. You will also receive some tangible resources.

Hope to see your face online. You can head over to the event page to register today. Have a good night!

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