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What's up with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a career website where a person can set up a profile with his/her job history, skills, education, synopsis, and recommendations. You can also insert a professional profile picture on the website. It is a chance to connect with Human Resources professionals, Executive Directors, and other professionals in various fields from criminal justice, technology, etc. I wanted to focus on LinkedIn because they are offering a month free of service. The regular access of LinkedIn with no fee does include the basic items already listed.

However, the LinkedIn account which cost $29.99 gives you access to the LinkedIn Learning which can add to your skillset in several areas like Salesforce, Microsoft Acess, SharePoint, etc. Additionally, one has access to being able to connect to a limited amount of CEO's, Directors, etc to form connections for job inquiries and network through sending InMails directly to the person. You are limited to 5 InMails a month with the $29.99/month.

Currently, LinkedIn is offering the first month free for the $29.99/month service level. You can go to I offer a service to set up your LinkedIn profile account. Please let me know if you need your account set up or edited. Please book a consultation or contact me via email if you will like to book a service for me to set up your LinkedIn Profile or edit your LinkedIn Profile.

Have a good evening, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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