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Working from Home!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you!! What a title during the weekend where we are really supposed to be taking a break and relaxing. However, I have noticed working from home has been on many people minds through many of the articles being released covering the topic. So, are you working from home? Do you have friends working from home? What are your thoughts?

According to the Atlantic, at the beginning of the pandemic, so around March of 2020, people were excited about working from home. Many people no longer had to worry about long commutes, traffic, figuring out what to wear to the office or lunch to take into the office, etc. Now, it seems people are at the point of losing sleep and going stir crazy. Of course, you have the people who were already set up to work for home and had a good routine, but the people new to this are now having some setbacks and wanting a sense of norm again. I think many people are dealing with this in their own way. Some are just zoomed out and others are trying to keep an open mind about the state of work and how this may affect them long term.

It is important to reach out to people and try to stay connected as possible whether it be writing a letter to a friend, sending a message to a co-worker, picking up the phone, and making sure you have some human interaction because we all need it. It definitely takes time to set up a routine and execute it in a positive way that helps you to grow and be more effective whether working from home or in an office, but it is possible. Please check out some of the tools below for meditation purposes and journaling options too. Hopefully, it will help as you maneuver this new normal and do what is best for you going forward.


  1. Gratitude App

  2. Liberate App

  3. Calm App

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